Friday, October 30, 2015

Open House Chicago 2015. Last Part. The Rookery. The best to the end.

A5 Hand.Book, pen, and ink.

The last building we visited was the Rookery. We had an hour to sketch before heading to have some food and drinks. I wanted to see the vault in the underground floor. It took me several minutes to get in there and browse the collection of original architectural elements. Once out, I picked this view on the ground floor. After several minutes a woman in uniform came to tell us not sketching was allowed. We were in shock, all of us. Oh well, we swallowed the bitter experience and moved on. I just had a chance to sketch the stairways. Ten minutes were enough after all, to resemble the signature feature of this building.


  1. That's really odd. I think it's a sign of sophistication (in a funny kind of way) - imagine if they said "No arabesques!" or "No Impressionism!" In Ireland they wouldn't even be conscious of sketching - it's utterly alien as a concept. "No photography" just MIGHT happen though. What's very common is "No singing" because songs can turn political, which can turn into a punch-up.

    1. I've heard that about Ireland, my dear friend Roisin Cure ( is trying to change that in her wonderful country. It's odd, exactly! Here in the US there are countless cases of no photography allowed, even some of tightest museums allow sketching with a humble pencil!