Wednesday, September 25, 2013

San Francisco, CA Part 2. Sea Lions at Pier 39

Aww! The life of sea lions.... so funny, so cute, but noisy and dangerous! I just witnessed how the biggest male threatened the smallest ones and pushed them out of the raft to claim their territory! I've always had my suspicious about this "friendly animal". They are no different than any other in the animal kingdom. I had the opportunity to swim with them in the wild in Baja, a little one was very curious, to the point that it came so close to us to play that I could have touched it, but I didn't, I was told not to. Once you touch them, they loose the fear of you and can bite you! So here they are, taking the sun in San Francisco, taking advantage of the sunny day, and me? Up in the restaurant sketching them from a safe and comfortable place. Am I missing being close to them? No, not really. Click here for Part 3


  1. I'm so happy to see your Chinese seal in the corner. It is such a cool thing--so jealous. Seals make it so much fun to just sit and watch. Nice sketch girl.

    1. Thank you Wes! I think I need practice, who knew that stamping is an art itself!