Thursday, August 22, 2013

Patience test.

Today, after having breakfast and many cups of coffee, we decided to go the barbershop next to the restaurant. We've never being there before so we decided to take a look. The barber looked at us deciding whether to come in or not. He saw us and invited us to come in, waving his arm. Nobody was there but his daughter. I almost regret coming in because I knew I had to wait for Bob while he got his haircut and I felt caffeine started to get me restless, and unfortunately I didn't carry my sketchbook with me. Bob and the barber named Chico, crossed some words. Finally he was going to start his service. "We've done this before, we’ll be out in no time" I thought. Little I knew my patience was to about to be tested. Bob was ready, but for some reason Chico looked at himself at the mirror and started to trim his eyebrows (?) Then back to Bob to start, he started to cut his hair slowly, for every cut he made with the razor, he shook his hand twice (??) Then he had a small conversation with Bob but his hands were not moving, they stayed still on the back of the chair. Back to Bob, one more cut. Ring ring, the cell phone, he had to answer the cell phone. Few more unproductive minutes. Back to Bob and another cut. -Oh! Let’s watch a movie! His daughter came in the picture. Chico stopped once more to watch his teenager daughter place the disc in the DVD. OK! I’m starting to see where this is going. Chico is back to Bob, another cut. He stops and started to watch the movie! That’s it! I had enough! I got up and told Bob I was going to do one of the errands we planned to do for today. Ahhhhh. Peace, I’m doing something, I feel I’m not wasting my time. I returned 20 or 25 minutes later. Chico’s still watching the movie. O.M.G! I had no choice but to wait and try to hide the steam coming out of my ears. Focus! Focus on something else... the movie! Watch the movie! See no evil, hear no evil. I started to relax, I watched Bob enjoying himself, laughing with them, living the present. Bob smiled, I smiled. Finally Chico is done. Did I pass the patience test?

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