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Friday, August 29, 2014

Rafael Coronel Museum

I have some sketches I haven't finished but sometimes I feel like rolling my sleeves and put myself to work. This is one of them, it's from my visit to Rafael Coronel Museum earlier this year in Zacatecas city, Mexico. This building has a lot of history. It was an hospice founded by Franciscan monks in 1558, it was almost destroyed by a big fire in 1648. The Franciscan monks were expelled by the government due to the new Reform laws, but the temple continued opened until 1928, when the ceiling collapsed. A limited restoration started in 1980 with intentions of opening a museum which was finally opened in 1990. This facility was offered to the local artist Rafael Coronel to be filled up with art. He donated his private collections of popular art. Therefore the museum was named after him and it has now the biggest collection of masks in the world. I'm glad I've got this info from a book I bought at the museum, and it makes me happier to think that this sketch was worth to rescue.

Handbook sketchbook A5, pen & ink, watercolors and color pencil.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Not so Hollywood

One can imaging that after seeing Barbershop, the film featuring Ice Cube, you would believe to find African-American costumers joking and yelling at each other, making a party of their visit to the barbershop. My husband enjoys a good shave, with use of hot towels and the whole enchilada. Three times I've gone to this place with him and to my awe, I've nothing but good things to say about my experience there. The clients are well behave, they wait their turn patiently in silence, when they have a conversation they don't raise their voices. I'm so naive in that respect. Knowing how Hollywood film makers twist reality in their favor to sell, how could I believe that nonsense? I showed my sketch to the barber and the man with the blue T-shirt, and they liked it and smiled. Hollywood, how dare you?

S&B A5 Beta Series Sketchbook, Fountain Pen EF & M, Waterproof Ink and W&N watercolor

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chicago Urban Sketchers on a water taxi.

We were lucky to have a wonderful day with a great weather. After the threat of rain on the previous days, weather cooperated with us and we could board the water taxi as planned. This event was going to be a challenge because our surroundings were going to change constantly, so I knew I needed to sketch fast. Once the boat was moving, I was I little undecided how to approach the situation, then at the first stop, I stood up and started to sketch. This is my first sketch.

Stillman&Birn A5 Sketchbook Beta Series, Lamy Safari fountain pen M, Platinum Carbon Ink, Winsor&Newton watercolor. 

Then I turned around and saw this:

Stillman&Birn A5 Sketchbook Beta Series, Lamy Safari fountain pen M, Platinum Carbon Ink, Winsor&Newton watercolor. 

Chinatown was the last stop before returning to the location we left from. The first image was made in 3 or 4 minutes, it's my rapid sketch. Later at home, with a little bit of love, I present one of those "before and after" cases:

Stillman&Birn A5 Sketchbook Beta Series, Lamy Safari fountain pen M, Platinum Carbon Ink, Winsor&Newton watercolor. 

On our way back, I drew some of my fellow sketchers. They were very focus on sketching so stayed very still. Chris and Rich are friends. Chris just came from England to stay here for 6 months. I asked him why he would spend winters in Chicago? He asked me if I have spent winters in the South of England? They are cold and wet, he prefers snow!

Stillman&Birn A5 Sketchbook Beta Series, Lamy Safari fountain pen M, Platinum Carbon Ink, Winsor&Newton watercolor. 

After our ride on the boat I noticed the rain of loud noises coming from the sky. it was the airplanes at the air show held yesterday. My husband and I walked to Navy Pier. There, the crowd who came to see the air show was leaving so we were "swimming" against a current of people. At the end, we were exhausted. Bob and I found a spot near the water, I still had energy to make another sketch. This, I hope you can see, shows my peaceful mood. 
Stillman&Birn A5 Sketchbook Beta Series, Sailor Sapporo fountain pen EF, Waterproof Sailor ink, Winsor&Newton watercolor. 

I thank my fellow sketchers for such a great day and my wonderful husband for his infinite patience while waiting during the whole day for me to do my doodles. What a great day we had. Thank you Lord.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Jump all by one game

I know of a chain of restaurants that keep a game on their tables at all times, as if it was sugar, salt or pepper. I cannot resist the temptation to play it every single time I'm there. I cannot resist the opportunity to redeem myself and overcome the countless humiliations and unsatisfied sensation that loosing this game leaves me. I don't know if you ever have played it, the rule is simple: jump each tee and remove it. The target is to remove as many tees as your intelligence is capable of. The base board reads as follow:

Leave only one - you're a genius.
Leave two and you're purty smart.
Leave three and you're just plain dumb.
Leave four or mor'e and you're just plain "eg-no-ra moose"

I've been all of them, but genius......but.... there will be a day when the sky clears and a sunbeam enlightens my brain by divine day.

Stillman and Birn Beta Series A5 sketchbook, Sailor Sapporo fountain pen EF & Sailor waterproof ink, W&N watercolor, Pentel and Kurekate waterbrush.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Fifth Element in my element.

Faces I sketched while the film The Fifth Element was broadcast on TV this afternoon. Among many channel choices I chose this film for the characters in it, quite funny, even the commercials turn out to be interesting ....the stars are aligned.

Stillman & Birn Beta Series. Sailor Sapporo EF with Sailor waterproof ink and Lyra watercolors.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Harvest Moon Band

Harvest Moon is a band of talented musicians who play in Joliet Illinois and surrounding areas. They play several genres of music including rock, pop, country rock, bluegrass and R&B. They played at St.Joseph Park tonight, a traditional family oriented place in Joliet. The drummer is the brother of my sister-in-law. How cool is that? I loved being so close to the band, I could see their faces and many details. I was hesitant constantly, whether to sketch on my lap or to move my legs to the rhythm of the music. Great band! If you want to listen to them go here

Moleskine watercolor sketchbook 5x8 in, Sailor Sapporo EF fountain pen, Sailor waterproof ink, W&N watercolor paint.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sense of smell

My friend Carol gave me these peppers yesterday. She has a friend who grew them this summer. It's not hard for family and friends to find someone who to share hot peppers with. As Mexican, I like spicy food and I appreciate that they think of me. There's always hot salsas or some sort of spicy food in my refrigerator or on my table. Some times I cannot keep up with the peppers that are given to me but I always manage to do something with them. I tried to grew them last summer but it was the only vegetable didn't do so well. These ones are so beautiful. Carol gave 3 kinds of peppers: güero(blond), jalapeño and serrano. The freshness and grassy odor coming out of the bag made me feel so well. It's amazing how one of the most underestimated of our senses can make us feel when we are aware of the fact that most of us are bless because we can smell. Aleluya! Time to eat...