Thinking color is funnier

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Parked kayaks and canoes

Few years ago, this place used to have a only a handful of kayaks and canoes. Now there's need to cut the shrubs at the edge of the water to make more space to "park" many more.

Friday, July 11, 2014

My odd encounter with Mayor of Shorewood.

This afternoon my hands were itching, I needed to sketch. So I went to sketch this building that I had in my list for a while. I sat near the entrance of the parking lot, minutes later a car stopped near me and the man in the car looked at me and say nothing.......... I didn't either............ I waited for him to say something. The silent was awkward, so I broke the ice by saying hi. He asked me what was I doing and I said I was sketching the building. He smiled and gave me a thumb up and said - Send this to the mayor's office! I replied - Sure! Who are you? ( I meant to say what's your name). He looked at me surprised for a moment, I don't know if it was because my question sound rude or because I didn't know. Finally he said -I'm the mayor-......oh....that explains everything.

Update: I sent the image to the major, he asked me permission to print and frame to hang it in his office, what an honor! Of course I said yes!

Camping site

Here in Coal City people is used to this life style. This homes may be compact but they offer everything to people to live the life. I don't know where they come from or how long do they stay here. I know they take turns to share water front plots. While doing this sketch mosquito were in a war with me, it distracted me so much that I make this sketch with non-waterproof ink pen, that's why I didn't add to much color. Overall I'm o.k. with the result. Next time save it and put mosquito repellent start.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

My best friend outdoors

I don't know why do I have so many mosquito repellents...from Mexico! I took my outdoors kit  with me today and it was so heavy! I went through it and found 5 mosquito repellents and 6 sunblock bottles. It was hard to figure out how old they were, since they have no expiration date! But there's no way I'm going to throw them away! Why did I get so many? I guess I'll have to try them at the risk of being bitten by mosquito if any of these repellents doesn't work. It will be a fun summer or a miserable one.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bee hive boxes

Driving out of the city to the country is just very relaxing. Bob and I went out for lunch at a place called Emerson Creek Pottery and Tearoom. It's hard to get a table, specially for walk ins. We didn't make any reservations but fortunately we got a table outside. I noticed this group of bee hive boxes after lunch. The honey they sell in the shop must be from these boxes, since they cook all the food from scratch, why wouldn't they sell honey coming from their very own backyard, right? Needles to say I wanted to sketch the boxes on location, but as you can imagining, being close to bees is serious business. I  approached to the boxes to take photos and I had them buzzing around my ears and eyes in no time. They were flying over my head, I think they liked my hair to start a new hive. Ha! Imagine that!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vanilla creamer.

Don't you love marriage? Having breakfast yesterday, Bob and I ordered coffee. He wanted the vanilla creamer, I did too. None of us wanted to give it up. So finally, the waitress, the peacemaker I should say, brought more to the table. I cannot get over how we can get caught on discussions over stupid little things, that could ruin our breakfast! It was a matter of 2 minutes of discomfort, but it shouldn't happened. We should know by now this shouldn't happened, well that's life. Don't you love marriage?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Construction site before the rain

I woke up this morning, not early, and noticed it was so quiet outside, the construction workers weren't across the street. I saw this huge machine talking to me (?). There.... standing still.... I would say the machine itself chose a pose for me and it was smiling, begging with huge eyes, like the cat in Shrek the movie. -Draw me, draw me! And because I'm a good girl, I did. Satisfied?