Technicolor People

One of the benefits benefits of hanging out with people who do the same as you is to learn what tools and how they use them. This encourage you to use them as well. I got this rainbow pencils few days ago and I'm in love with it. The lead is quite thick and there's no room for details, something that I can get caught in easily. The portability is very handy and it delivers a product that includes work line and color in the same stroke! How can you beat that! This gave me the opportunity to practice people sketching. I try to include a context around the person to tell a story, by showing what are they doing and/or where they are. This kid's pencil reminds me on how easy is to tell the story in one sentence, we all learned it in elementary school and that is enough to tell a story.

This cashier is using the cashier and for the next costumer.


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