Sunday, July 16, 2017

Woodlawn Memorial Park

I drive very often by the Woodlawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Joliet, IL. It looks like an old cemetery, that's why I went. It was founded in 1929. The front gate has has a wonderful iron work, and the light on top of the stone column is made of copper I would say, it has yellow glass or panels, a very unusual combination. In the back of the cemetery there's a what it looks like an old building made of yellow brick, at first I thought it was a chapel, probably it was, but it is not open to the public. I though I would include it as another element of my Sunday morning excursion. 
Then, not far from there, I drove to a section called Field of Honor. A big canyon is located there with many grave markers with plastic flowers on a little vase on top of them and a small America flags. 
On my way back to the front section towards the exit. I saw a very peculiar headstone among the standard box shape. It is probably a grave of a couple who were sweethearts. I had to to sketch it.

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