Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Peach pancakes

A5 Handbook watercolor journal, pencil and W&N watercolors 

We went out for breakfast this morning, I ordered eggs Benedict over crab cakes and Bob ordered a Feta cheese and spinach omelet. His omelet came with plain pancakes and my eggs came with a peach in syrup, which I think it has nothing to do with my dish, weird combination. a creative person, well everyone can be creative right? I gave the peach to Bob to eat it with his pancakes. As he was eating his first course I sliced the peach and placed it on top of the pancakes, I asked him of course. It was such a cute view and I was so proud of my inventive creation (ha!) that I couldn't help sketching it. I  don't sketch food, but here I am sketching other's food. I think they look more delicious than the real ones! Oh the wonders of watercolor......

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