Thursday, May 18, 2017

Looking for inspiration.

Suburbia's backyards.
I recently read a wonderful book about sketching, Archisketcher by Simone Ridyard. From all the useful content she shares in her book, there was a quote that really stuck with me, something that I needed so badly. It is not a technical information but an inspirational advice. It quotes " There is no such a thing as a boring place. If a place exists, it has presence and purpose, and sketchers may search for both". Living in the suburbs may seem dull and boring for many, even myself thought that way once........or twice. I thought that it was hard to find subjects to sketch. Reading is a easy way to find inspiration and a way to refresh your thoughts and your eyes on things that appear unappealing, mundane or insignificant. The sketch above was made on location with pencil. While the pencil sketch was taking shape, I still believed it was boring but I didn't give up. As I was adding watercolor  back at home, it was becoming alive and charming and not boring at all. At the last paint stroke I realized how beautiful suburbs are and it made me proud to live in one. The sketch below is the pharmacy I regularly go. I thought it was interesting to show what American daily habits are and share it to the world. 
Pharmacy's drive thru
Then I look inside my house and sketch the kitchen tools drawer. While drawing it I realized how many stuff were in there and how easily one can get in the trap of consumerism, sad but true. Mundane things and everyday places can be interesting and be real close to you. I'll keep looking for inspiration to find them.
My kitchen tools' drawer.

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