Friday, May 26, 2017

Back to humble pencil

It's been a while since I used pencil to do the line works in my sketches. Since I had a roll of watercolor paper which I cut in a landscape format, 16 x 8 in. and steam ironed it to flat it, I chose to use this paper today to test it. Arches cold press 140 lb is one of my top favorite watercolor papers, but the texture makes using my usual pen and ink a little difficult, so I used pencil. Although the texture of the paper is not so smooth for pencil either, I think pencil is better that pen and ink for this paper.  I went to a library in Joliet and I realized (actually remembered) how the lines of pencil can disappear once you apply watercolor and the line work that define the shapes is gone, so this fact forced me to paint more contrast values in order to define the shapes that I prefer in my sketches. I had fun painting the books in the bookcase. Also I'd like to add that the fact that I used steam and heat from an iron to flat the paper didn't seem to affect the performance of paper or watercolor paint. I like this landscape format, it shows more information of a place. I was inspired by Stephanie Bower's work. If you want to see her works click here to go to her blog

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