Saturday, April 29, 2017

Guanajuato II Part 9. The last sketches.

This is the last part of Guanajuato II series. I named it II because it is the second time I sketched this city. A beautiful city like Guanajuato inspired me to sketch as much as I could. I'm surprised at the amount of sketches I made during my last visit. 
I did mostly only line work on location and just finished adding watercolor tonight. To be frank with you, I like to write my thoughts in this blog as a reminder of what happened at that moment. If I would have done it right away, you and I would probably read about things I don't remember now, but for now I write about I remember. 

There are so many interesting views of the tunnels under the city to choose from. After scouting the marvelous underground paradise I got at least one sketch from the oldest tunnel in the city. 
The same day I made one of the University of the Guanajuato, which is located few blocks from the tunnel I sketched. This is a popular place for visitor, some were curious about me, on the floor doing something. I'm curious about why nobody asked any questions. 
Plaza Baratillo was my everyday stop while we stayed there. Entertainment, groceries, pharmacy, restaurants, bakery. All in this square or short distance from it. I remember in my first visit in 2015 there wasn't any fence around the fountain.... but things change.

My last sketch in this city is the Market. I postponed this task to the last. Truth is that I felt overwhelmed by the monstrous but fascinating main entrance. Also my husband appears on it and because of the significance of my husband in my life, I also watercolor it last because I was afraid to spoil it, but that nonsense fear disappeared once I finished.
Thanks Guanajuato. The end.

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