Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Guanajuato II Part 2. Five heads think better than one

Family members are here visiting Guanajuato city. All the input every one can offer to the daily activities count to make better decisions. Sometimes chaos reins with so many opinions and you go nowhere, but this time it worked since everybody agreed to do so. My sister in law spotted an announcement for a concert of classical music offering several dates being that night the only one opportunity for my visitors to attend. The Symphony Orchestra of the University of Guanajuato played at the Teatro Juarez and for an affordable price we all went. 

The exquisite wood detail which was placed in the theater Juarez for better acoustic is amazing. I sketched a more open scene of the theater and the orchestra during the playing of the last piece of the concert. It was a favorite moment, sketching and listening to live music.

Here, musicians were tuning their instruments before the director appear on scene.

A wonderful night in the cultural city of Guanajuato. Click here for Part 3

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