Monday, December 12, 2016

Sketchers' priorities

As the day of my trip gets closer, I've been thinking on the preparations that need to be done. The first group of things I wanted to get ready was my sketching materials. Yes, it's my priority. Every time I go through this process I tend to gather the same items, but always new stuff appear on my way. First I'm taking paper and link. 

The sketchbooks seem to be too many, but I like to have different sizes available. My small collection of pens, which of course every pen has its' own properties. My watercolor brushes and aqua brushes. I normally use Carbon Platinum Ink, but I also decided to bring Noodler's waterproof, which is not in the photo. Turns out that the Sailor Green Pen with bent nib uses A LOT of ink, and that's what the Noodler's ink is for. 

Then, it was time to choose a watercolor palette and refill its wells. I normally use two, but the more I looked among the stored stuff I have, the more palettes I found. Incredible. The dangers of being addictive to color (or is it shopping?) I found seven. I never thought I had these many. But I think that many of us have gone through this eternal voyage in search of the Holy Grial, that is to find the art materials that we are more comfortable with, right? 

Well, after a serious thought I made my decision. I'm taking two palettes, one is the Cotman travel palette with artist Winsor & Newton paint, and the other is the 6 color essential Daniel Smith Extra Fine watercolor that I recently bought and that I have to try. I used an old medicine case with 6 wells and I'm also bringing a mixing palette made of  plastic with also 6 wells, it's light weight and flat.

Then, something unexpected happened today. I received by mail, samples of a new watercolor paper that I thought were lost, since I requested it 6 or 8 weeks ago! Thank you Cathy Johnson for telling us about it! Legion is the maker.

The incertitude of the unknown subjects of the upcoming sketches I will make with these materials is so exciting!

It feels likes Christmas already! 

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