Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Getting ready for Christmas Eve

It's always exciting to see your beloved ones during the winter Holidays and getting ready for it. Bob likes to go to the barber for a shave. I have mentioned this numerous times on this blog so today it is not the exception. The view I had this time was different. Here, the sketch shows the top of his head. The barber had more space to move around Bob this way, away from the mirror. And just like that I sketched the interesting view. Indecision can be a bummer. I couldn't decide if I wanted to show the coat of the barber or the right side of the chair. I sketched the head of the barber over the frame of the mirror and a little stamp with an image of a saint in the right top corner of the mirror. Probably the saint of the barbers, for good luck I guess. The thing is that we both were ready to see family on Christmas Eve, I with a big smile of joy and Bob also, with a good shave.

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