Wednesday, December 28, 2016

G7 Plaza

I wanted to try the samples of Stonehenge watercolor paper I received few weeks ago. I sat across the street from this building to sketch and try the 600 gr paper. The paper feels smooth for ink lines and behaves very well with watercolor paint. It allows color blending and graded washes, two of the watercolor techniques I use the most. I think it is a great affordable alternative for other high quality papers like Arches, Fabriano Artistico o Moleskine. The building is new, it will be known as G7, it is still under construction and although some spaces are ready for use, it will be completed in February next year. How do I know this? Well, the architect and designer told me himself. He approached to me to tell me the sketch was nice. I recognized him immediately. He've been acquaitances for years, also his brother an engineer. His brother and I started greeting each other either because we were neighbors or because we both had dogs or because we went to the same university, I don't remember. Armando, the architect, told me it took him 4 months to come out with this design. It took him and his brother about two years to complete the project. I thought the building was named G7 because it looks like a big G from where I was seated and 7 because of the number of spaces for rent (or sale, I'm not sure) were 7. But he corrected me saying it was 6 spaces instead. He named it G7 because G is the seventh letter of the alphabet. I asked if the biggest space was meant to be a restaurant, he said it would be more suitable for a cafe., I can smell it now. I hope business establish here soon and bring this corner to life. Creative and talented architects like Armando Castanon Ruiz are making contibutions to the city of San Luis Potosi to make it look like a modern city. He was kind to pose for a photo. 

Arch. Armando Castanon Ruiz and his building G7

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