Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A different supper.

I was shopping my groceries. Most of times I make a stop at the office section. There's paper, pens, colors and markers among other stuff. Most of the Moleskine journals were ruled, but digging among those I found the blank Art Plus. I thought it would be nice to have a small size one (almost A6) in my everyday purse without carrying my watercolors. Many times I do inked sketches on  location and then I add watercolor to it later at home. Although this blog is about ink and colored sketches, this doesn't mean I have to make both ink and watercolor sketches all the time, so I figured I will allow myself to post only inked sketches more often. It's convenient time wise. Also it will be a good exercise to practice values with ink. By the way this young man was enjoying his soup for supper. My hubby and I had something in mind quite different for supper at that moment, we had pastry and hot chocolate. Hmmm....the child on us made us make that decision to keep us warm on a cooooold day.

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