Sunday, September 25, 2016


Last weekend a group of couples and us went to the Morton Arboretum in Lisle IL, near Chicago. We went to a theater-hike play to watch Driving Miss Daisy. Although it is self explanatory, theater-hike is a play that is performed outdoors. The play is staged in different places within the Arboretum fields. Actors and audience walk from place to place so the backgrounds change and we audience enjoy not only the play but the beautiful surroundings that have been kept so beautifully. The audience carry their own stools, chairs or blankets.

In this first scene Miss Daisy's son, Boolie, tries to convince her to hire a driver. I did a little bit of digital alteration here. I sketch Miss Daisy but I didn't finished her, so I added her digitally to one of my following sketches. I had to flip the image horizontally, to match the original scene in which she didn't care for his son's suggestions. Her body's posture and her reading the newspaper say it all.

Next, Boolie is hiring the driver, Hoke. This is the original sketched I flipped.

In this scene, the actors are pretending they are inside the car. This was a repetitive scene but I loved it because they had nice conversations. The actor who played Hoke held both arms up in the air while driving, I swear I could see the driving wheel and the speed pedal. All sketches were done in my adorable and super practical Beta Series S&B 5 ½ x 3 ½ in.

We all had a beautiful dinner after the play at one of ours friend house's backyard. I didn't sketch more, I was too busy having fun.

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