Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The mall.

Tuesday is discount day for all shows all day at the movie theater in the shopping mall. Also Tuesday at noon is a nice time if you want to watch a film without interruptions. Kids are back in school. There were only seven persons last time,, I was in heaven. I like people, but sometimes is quite distracting watching bright smart phone screens, hearing people opening plastic wrapped candies, chewing pop corn, teenagers talking or giggling, kids asking questions or parents answering them (ok, this last one never happened to me but I just wanted to mention it  in the list). I guess the older I get the less tolerant I am when it comes to my leisure/entertainment personal time, anyway, to make the story short, I did enjoy the show. Right after the show, I stopped at the dining area in the mall. The triangle area was interesting plus I found a sit at a table which was calling me. Sit here, sit here, so I did and this was my view. My husband went to the department stores in search of something he needed.... wait a minute, isn't the other way around? Wives shopping and husbands waiting? These are modern times. Ha! (On a note, there's an error on the date written on the lower right corner of this sketch, it was made this past Sep 13th instead of August. I guess I don't want the summer to end)

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