Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mom's closet

A4 Fabriano, pen, ink, Cotman watercolors and brush pen.

While mom was still sleeping, I noticed  her closet was open and took a look at it. I've been sketching some things about mom lately. I spend a lot of time with her following her schedule. I feel for those followers who are probably expecting something different to adult care stuff, if you don't care please keep reading. Fortunately that morning she wanted to stay in bed longer, so I sat down in the sofa in her bedroom and from there I sketched her closet. Her sweaters are the first thing one can grab. Contrary to many's belief the weather of this city can be very cold. All of them are sport sweaters for daily use at home, something one can wash pretty often because sweaters get dirty during meal times, sometimes they look like there was a battle of food. The lower part of the closet became a storage space for disposable hygiene products, a box of diapers, which I have to say that Tena are the best, they hold EVERYTHING, bags of bed protectors, a box of baby wipes, a box with rolls of garbage bags. I hope none environmentalist is reading this.  To all caregivers...I salute you.  

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