Monday, February 22, 2016

A car accident while I sketched.

A5 Hand.Book, pen, ink, watercolor and water brush.
My husband and I were eating some ice cream this evening. Although we are coming out of a bad cold and still coughing, we craved for some ice cream. I was in the corner of the store and sketched the building across the street, also in a corner. Unfortunately, we heard a crash and a dog crying. I lifted my head and saw a teenager and a mature woman rolling on the floor. The scooter they were driving crashed with a SUV. The scooter was on top of the little dog. I saw the two persons trying to sit down on the floor totally disoriented until they realized they were involved in an accident. They tried to get up but neither of them could, so they remained laying on the floor.  I don't know who took the little dog but it couldn't move its rear legs. Soon people gathered around the scene, many call for help. The police arrived, so the ambulance. I didn't dare to sketch the crime scene, in fact it didn't occurred to me to sketch it, I was in shock, just later I added some of the curious people watching the scene. After all the commotion and the crash scene was cleared I asked the police about the woman, he told me she had a broken hip. Then I asked him who hit who. The police looked at me amazed. -It's irrelevant who hit who. What we want to know is who had the red light, because that person in the liable for the accident. He was right. -Both parts declared they had the green light. Did you happen to see who had the green light? He asked me. -No, I didn't I replied. He said -That's what happens. Witnesses look at the victims but not the traffic lights. Later my husband asked me if there were any traffic cameras. Unfortunately there wasn't any. Who will be liable for this? How the authorities will resolve the case? That's a tough one. I just hope the victims recover from this one.


  1. How awful Adriana. That crashing noise which fortunately I've heard so rarely - and never been involved in - is so violent. And the poor people on the scooter. I hope she and the teenager are well taken care of - I imagine the folk in the SUV were fine. And poor little dog too - how did he end up tangled in the mess?

    1. Yes Roisin, poor little dog! It took some minutes for the woman in the SUV to get out of the SUV in disbelief. Later she was taken away in police patrol car for a medical and DUI tests and further investigation. Awful, I couldn't stop thinking about it for the rest of the day.