Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Few lines can reveal a lot.

A5 Hand.Book, Staedtler pigment liner 0.05 and watercolor.

My recent visit to a government office made me bring my sketchbook. Sorry to say that they are not known for their fast service, so I started to sketch this lady in the waiting area when few minutes later they called my number. Wow! I was pleasantly surprised! As you can notice I put very basic lines. So I finished from memory her hair, the brown lines of her jacket and the details of its top back. It's amazing how much I could remember by observing first my target! I also realized, based on this sketch, how do I approached my victim. I did her face first, then her arm which connects to what resembles a hand (fingers are a pain in the butt that's why I left them for later, hoping she will repeat the position of her hand) and lastly her back and butt. I figured I kind of sketched in a in-out direction, sketching first the parts that move more. Reading so many times about sketching first the parts that move more made it stuck to my subconscious, perhaps by osmosis. Yesterday, finally, that knowledge revealed itself.

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