Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ireland Part 4. Still in the West Coast.

We returned to Galway city from the Kinvara Village. It’s party day. The final game of the national tournament of hurling is tonight. The crowd of fans had gathered in front of our hotel in the Eyre Square back in Galway to watch the game. Lots of flags in maroon and white are being displayed everywhere. People of all ages have great expectations for this game this evening. Beer is flying out the pubs and the excitement is growing. Unfortunately Galway team was not lucky tonight but a kid passed by and shouted "we’ll win next year!"

A5 Moleskine Spread, pen, ink and watercolor.

Next day Bob and I headed to the Cliffs of Moher. The roads in the country are narrow, drivers here salute each other waving their hand once they realize their vehicles  are cleared to pass. The first time happened when we were driving with Róisín, she wave her hand to the other driver  and the rest of us too. I thought he was saluting to everybody until Róisín explained it was only to the driver. I wonder what the other driver though about all of us waving our hands: what’s wrong with you all? You …morons. 

The cliffs are a wonder of nature in this country, outstanding views everywhere you look at. We had exceptionally good weather, there was no wind at all, it was cloudy but not cold.  The water was very still. Wild flowers in white, yellow, purple were all over the edge. I walked along the edge of the cliff beyond the fence of rock that was placed for the safety of us the visitors. I felt vertigo after some minutes and returned behind the fence. Lesson learned. We walked  as far as the second cave on the sketch. When we returned to the starting point I sketched this view for about 20 minutes. Mosquitos were all over. Days later I realized how bad they bite me. My cheeks and my forehead were full of red dots. Oh well...I liked my new me, also I brought with me a temporary souvenir from the cliffs.

A4 Moleskine, pen, ink and watercolor.

We were on board the bus in our way from Galway to Dublin when we realized we left Bob's tablet on Eyre Square...oh no. We got out of the bus, the driver was so nice to us! He down loaded our luggage and let us take the next bus. He was genuinely concerned, he took care of our luggage while I ran to the Square, yes I ran, go figure. It's been 40 minutes since we left the park were we stayed some time to enjoy a bit of sunshine. But guess what! The bag with the tablet and its content was there! Irish people we LOVE you. It was worth losing the bus and take the next one and give it a shot and have faith and trust the people of Galway. We were very happy to recover our items. The bus is the top line, electrical outlets, wi-fi, toilet on board. Now we are just waiting to depart to Dublin. We are on board of bus, very, very nice staff. Thomas is been a driver for over 30 years, he has probably seen a lot of things happening to dummy tourists like us. God bless his heart, I bet he has learned to be patient and thoughtful.

A5 Handbook, pen, ink and watercolor. 

Once installed in the hotel, I went to the bar, I needed a drink and I was hungry. It's been a long jogging day, and of course I took my sketchbook with me. This white collar man was wearing bright pink socks, I wish I had a pair myself, they were beautiful!

A5 Handbook, pen, ink and watercolor.

I ordered a lamb hamburger, it was served with no bread (?)It's all right, I don't need it. Everywhere we ate they served potato fries in little tiny metal buckets, so cute. 
A5 Handbook spread, pen, ink and watercolor.

We were looking forward to explore the city of Dublin next day. The story will continue, click here to read part 5.


  1. I love the colour of the water at the foot of the cliffs. Beautiful. And from now on I'm going to draw the bus driver - I love that sketch.