Saturday, March 14, 2015

Guanajuato city. Part 3

It's been so long since last time I posted. I finally managed to finish some white and black sketches. I felt rusty but once I started I couldn't stop. My husband and I went to The Alleyway of the Kiss. This alley is so narrow that a person barely can pass through. Two persons could kiss each other. Legend says, there was a miner's daughter who was in love with a poor boy renting a room across the alley. They saw each other in the balconies. The father discovered them and warned his daughter not to see him again. When he discovered them again, the father stabbed a knife on his daughter's back killing her. The boy gave his lover a last kiss in her hand. Sad story. I prefer to believe you can kiss your love one....alive.
We visited the Hidalgo Market also. A former train station built in 1910. This structure was planned to bring an economic growth to the city of Guanajuato but the project never finalized, so when the then president Porfirio Diaz inaugurated the building, it was transformed into a market. The iron structure's design was created, they say, by Gustave Eiffel.

Guanajuato city is well known for its tunnels. In 1780 there was a collapse due to the rain that killed many people. Therefore the city redirected the river trough underground caverns. The small rooms supported by wood beams on the right side of the sketch used to be restrooms... probably guess well... the human feces dropped to the river... Later (fortunately) these river paths were converted into an underground net of roads to relief the growing traffic. Although the tunnels may seem dark, they are well illuminated and it is perfectly safe for pedestrians. Walking these roads left me in awe because of the beauty of its old architecture. I love Guanajuato.