Thursday, February 5, 2015

The untouchable telephone.

I just watched the film The Boxtrolls. Funny, so well done. Besides my very brief review, I have to say I feel like one of them. I'm a Boxtroll. They collect old stuff to create other things. I, on the other hand, don't create other stuff, but collect old stuff. I'm visiting my parents and staying at the house where I lived so many years. Among the things I found was this old look telephone from the 70's my parents had in the living room. This was one the untouchable items for us kids. The poor telephone was replaced by a newer model, those digital tone ones, and it was abandoned in a utility closet. I found it, removed the dust, asked if I could keep it, granted. The untouchable phone is now clean and is MINE. It belongs to the foyer of my house, on the table. A new friend for the miner lamp and the coal iron. Yes, it's like a trophy, but more than that, it's an object that will remind me of my childhood every time I see it........sweet.

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