Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sketching is good at stressful times.

I'm glad I practice sketching. It helped during my time at the hospital. Mom needed medical attention and I spent a lot of time there.  My family helped a lot, inside and outside the hospital. We were a team and together made this event bearable.
We went to the hospital emergency room last Saturday. We waited to be attended by medical personal in the waiting area. I sketched meanwhile.
While mom was inside in the emergency room, we had to wait out in the waiting room with other people in the same situation. The young boy in red was wearing a pink back pack, which caught my attention. The man with glasses was very small, he wanted to speak to the doctors constantly. The lady in green offered me her seat, a nice gesture on her part. The lady in black boots noticed I was sketching her rock & roll boots, she even posed for me.
Early next day, the relatives of the patiens were still waiting, some sleeping, other thinking.
Mom was admitted to the hospital, we waited for test's results for the doctors to determine if her strength was good enough for surgery.
Even my brother made a sketch in the notebook we kept for us the siblings to  keep track of mom's care during the change of shift.
The surgery lasted 2 hours with no complications. I waited six hours outside the operating room until she was awake and came out of the room. The following sketch shows the door that leads towards the operating rooms on the left, and to the right, people waiting in line to make appointments for laboratory tests.

After surgery mom had a drainage tube for a couple of days.
She ate food at the hospital, we all know how it is not tasty, but at least she ate some.

We waited for more test's results. Everything came out well. She was released from the hospital. The waiting game continues today. Her recovery will be long and slow with care and dedication, doctors are positive, so we should.


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