Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Recycling of Chritsmas Trees.

I cannot believe my good luck. Turns out that I wanted to sketch a bunch of dying Christmas trees in Morales Park. The municipality of the city of San Luis Potosi has a recycling program to make compost from Christmas trees. Morales Park is one of the places where people drop their trees. Yesterday I went to sketch it and a big truck was picking up some trees. I hurried to the corner of the street to sketch it before the truck was gone. I didn't even had a chance to sit down.

A5 Moleskine, ink and watercolor.
The two men noticed I was into something. One of the men got inside the truck's cabin, they were ready to leave. I went to say hi. The driver name was Miguel. I showed him the drawing, he smiled and turned his head to his right and told his partner smiling -"we were caught in fraganti!" He told me his son loved drawing and asked me if he could take a photo of the sketch and another one of me with the sketch. I said yes naturally, then I took a photo of him holding  the unfinished sketch. I wish I had with me a business card to introduce myself to the people whom I have experiences. I'll have to come up with one, Adriana Gasparich....artist? Yes! artist.

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