Friday, January 30, 2015

Aerial cables

Aerial cables can dance in my mind. Not because they move, but because they make my eyes to look from one point to another. I found this web of cables very interesting. It is a typical Mexican urban scene and many other countries. At home, in the United States, I rarely see utility poles in the streets, everything is underground and urban scenes are cleaner. However, here in Mexico, the streets look messy, but a the same time, with an artistic eye, I find them even charming. All that organized chaos contributes to the personality of the city. I know the creosote treated wood poles were installed by Telmex, a telephone company. The concrete poles belong to the Federal Commission of Electricity, CFE. Television cable companies use whatever poles are available to install their own cable, they don't discriminate, ha! I don't know why one of the poles in the sketch is painted in yellow. Who knows what the code is for that one, if there's any. It took me 40 minutes to sketch. I colored it at home right after. I grew my sky wash with different colors to make it more interesting, since it is the background for the main subject of this sketch, the cables.