Thursday, January 1, 2015

A peaceful evening

Mama loves going out. It's my pleasure to spend time with her. We went to Tequisquiapan Square, an old but beautiful neighborhood where people gather to spend evenings. We sat down in a bench. You have to be careful not to seat in one that has white spots, you know, the product of doves. So that's why we took our own chair pads to protect our cloths, make us feel comfortable and warm us up. We spent our time watching teenagers playing tricks with scooters and we laughed at countless falls...don't worry, at that age kids have a body made of rubber!! People walking their dogs, parents watching their youngsters riding their tricycles are part of the entertaiment. Food vendors and balloon vendors come to public places like this one knowing that there's a chance to make more sales. When the sun sets, the birds on the trees start to sing soft, shyly, then the rest join to the loud simphony that last for at least thirty minutes. Despite the loud sound, it's peaceful. The balloon vendor waits, and waits, and waits. He reads the newspaper as he waits and I skecth him. He sells a balloon. The lights are on, it's dark, time to go home, for the vendor and for us as well.

Happy Peaceful New Year to everybody.