Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The newspaper stand.

I lived 19 years in San Luis Potosi city, Mexico, until I moved to the United States. It's always nice to visit family here. I remember this newspaper and magazines stand being there forever. I sat  down across the street and the vendor kept looking at me suspiciously. I found it funny. Three cars parked in front of me in one parking spot during the skecthing time, so I had to stand up several times to continue. Two young men came out of one these cars and asked me kindly if they were blocking my view. I politely replied no, they actually were blocking my view, but I'm too nice to say otherwise, ha! They asked me if I was drawing and if they could see my drawing. They were pleased to see it. They turn out to be architects, one of them told me he wasn't good at drawing by hand, and right after, he asked me why did I choose to sketch the newspaper stand, he said I should sketch La Caja de Agua, a well known monument in the city. I told him I already sketched it (click here to see it). I explained I belong to a group called Urban Sketchers and our purpose is to show the world one drawing at a time, and I want to show the newspaper stand to the world as they are still exist all over Mexico. They were satisfied with my answer, congratulated me and left. When I added some color to my sketch ( I finished it at home) I went to show it to the vendor. He thought I was drawing the school behind. How come two persons thought the newspaper stand is not worth to sketch? Carlos, the vendor's name, told me he's been the owner of the stand for 27 years! Oh yes, I do remember that long ago I used to buy there my Cabala Spanish puzzle magazine, but I vaguely remember him. It took me only 29 years to know his name.


  1. I believe there is beauty in common things... things most people don't even see. Love your drawing.

    1. Thanks Emie58, the practice of sketching has helped me to find beauty in common things, I believe that is part of developing your artistic mind.

  2. I love the newspaper stand!!! Great choice.