Friday, August 29, 2014

Rafael Coronel Museum

I have some sketches I haven't finished but sometimes I feel like rolling my sleeves and put myself to work. This is one of them, it's from my visit to Rafael Coronel Museum earlier this year in Zacatecas city, Mexico. This building has a lot of history. It was an hospice founded by Franciscan monks in 1558, it was almost destroyed by a big fire in 1648. The Franciscan monks were expelled by the government due to the new Reform laws, but the temple continued opened until 1928, when the ceiling collapsed. A limited restoration started in 1980 with intentions of opening a museum which was finally opened in 1990. This facility was offered to the local artist Rafael Coronel to be filled up with art. He donated his private collections of popular art. Therefore the museum was named after him and it has now the biggest collection of masks in the world. I'm glad I've got this info from a book I bought at the museum, and it makes me happier to think that this sketch was worth to rescue.

Handbook sketchbook A5, pen & ink, watercolors and color pencil.

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