Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sense of smell

My friend Carol gave me these peppers yesterday. She has a friend who grew them this summer. It's not hard for family and friends to find someone who to share hot peppers with. As Mexican, I like spicy food and I appreciate that they think of me. There's always hot salsas or some sort of spicy food in my refrigerator or on my table. Some times I cannot keep up with the peppers that are given to me but I always manage to do something with them. I tried to grew them last summer but it was the only vegetable didn't do so well. These ones are so beautiful. Carol gave 3 kinds of peppers: güero(blond), jalapeño and serrano. The freshness and grassy odor coming out of the bag made me feel so well. It's amazing how one of the most underestimated of our senses can make us feel when we are aware of the fact that most of us are bless because we can smell. Aleluya! Time to eat...

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