Friday, July 11, 2014

My odd encounter with Mayor of Shorewood.

This afternoon my hands were itching, I needed to sketch. So I went to sketch this building that I had in my list for a while. I sat near the entrance of the parking lot, minutes later a car stopped near me and the man in the car looked at me and say nothing.......... I didn't either............ I waited for him to say something. The silent was awkward, so I broke the ice by saying hi. He asked me what was I doing and I said I was sketching the building. He smiled and gave me a thumb up and said - Send this to the mayor's office! I replied - Sure! Who are you? ( I meant to say what's your name). He looked at me surprised for a moment, I don't know if it was because my question sound rude or because I didn't know. Finally he said -I'm the mayor-......oh....that explains everything.

Update: I sent the image to the major, he asked me permission to print and frame to hang it in his office, what an honor! Of course I said yes!

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