Friday, July 25, 2014

Hide and seek

I went for a ride on Route 6 with my husband yesterday.  The old road  between Seneca and Marseilles in Illinois is curvy and shaded by the overgrown trees. The ride is just enjoyable, we rolled our car windows down and off we went. This road is close to the river. Seneca and Marseilles are old towns with four digit populations. We stopped at Marseilles and found this old church. It is 150 years old, majestic. I'd like to draw more people on my sketches, but this was not the place or time to do so. It would worked if yesterday was Sunday, but I couldn't overlook the opportunity to sketch a beautiful building. Close to finish my sketch a boy appeared and sat down on the stairs by the door, he's there, use your magnifying glass. He was playing hide and seek with other kids...that's hiding when I wanted to draw people.......just my luck.


  1. Muchas felicidades por tu enorme talento, disfruto mucho de tus pinturas porque ademas de ser un deleite a la pupila, siento que viajo contigo, y bueno que decir del colorido que hay en ellas, me encantan! Esther Lopez