Saturday, March 15, 2014

The circus

The circus is here in the city. The grand opening was yesterday. I was there at 5 pm before the first show started at 6:15 pm.  During the previous days, we could hear the circus trucks driving around the city with a big speaker to let everybody know they were here. Some of the trucks had big cages with live animals, I saw a tiger one day and a lioness another day. I felt mix emotions, so vivid memories when I was a kid. I remember sitting on the first row, a HUGE polar bear standing on its legs, mama mia! Impressive! Now I think differently. How can man make a living by keeping captive these animals? They belong in the wild. I've heard people say they are taken care off better than in the wild because of the food, vets, etc. But when I really look at the animals, even in the zoos, I just see sadness in their eyes. At least they have a tent for the animals at this circus, protected from the sun and the heat. The owner should be proud,. Speaking of owner, this circus used to belong to a family, the name used to be Circo Atayde Hermanos, Atayde Bros. Circus. This one belongs to Aurelio Atayde. I wonder what happened? Anyway, going back to the sketch, I could prove, one can find more interesting shades during sunset and sunrise. I sketched the East side of the tents. At 6 pm I got out of there, people was arriving. I won't buy tickets for us or for my nephews or nieces. I prefer an image, I prefer a beautiful sketch.

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