Monday, March 17, 2014

My brother and soccer

Soccer is one the favorites things for my brother to watch, either on TV or the computer. He follows the German Soccer League, I don't know why not the English, or Spanish or the Italian Leagues, all of the have excellent players. He likes that country, idiosyncrasy, and above all history. You can ask ANYTHING about the WW II and he will know the answer. Once, some years ago, I brought him a souvenir from Berlin, a T-shirt of his team the Bayer Munchen no one else could get here in Mexico. He wore it proudly eveywhere. I've notice that Mexicans wear their sport T-shirt of their favorite sport club anyday of the week, while Americans wear their favorite sport team only on during the games. How can I notice such unimportant things and write about it? Well....I can't help it.

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