Friday, March 7, 2014

Farm animals.

Walking around the property were I'm staying, I went to see the farm animals. The hungry sheep, a territorial rooster, the shy but loud peacocks. I decided to sketch the sheep. I was taking my tools out of the bag and all of sudden all of them came to me, I swear it looked and felt like an stampede of horses coming towards me! Scary........really!! I don't know what did they think I was going to do, sure  they thought I was going to feed them. Beee, beee (translation: feed me). Sorry guys...I don't have any food...but I'll make a portrait of you! Interested? They stared at me for quite a long time, expectant of what I was going to do, or hoping I was going to feed them. Finally, realizing I was only another moron teasing them, they lost interest on me and showed me their rear. Got you! I can sketch your rear! Now who's the moron?...that didn't sound good....after all who sketches rears?... oh yes...morons.

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