Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Aqueduct and the Bufa Hill in Zacatecas city.

The Acueducto is one of the must see architectural structures in Zacatecas city. It used to supply water to the city, it stopped working in 1910 during the Mexican Revolution. The top of the sketch is El Cerro de la Bufa, the Bufa Hill. There is a church there where you can still see the holes left by bullets during that war. One can go there by walking, driving or taking the cable car. I sketched this view from the Sierra de Alica Park, under the shade of a tree (what a relief!). A young man approached to me and told me he was from Wisconsin, USA. He came to live here when he was 3 months old brought by his parents, they were missionaries . He spoke perfect English, learned from his parents, but his Spanish was just as good as mine. Minutes later a teenager kid, encouraged by our conversation, approached to me to sell me a watch. I wasn't wearing any, but unfortunately I suspected they were stolen. This activity is not surprising here, and because I didn't want to support such activity, I told him I don't use watches. He left with a smile probably to find another potential costumer. I continued with my sketch and I noticed a couple of kids in school uniform were walking on top the aqueduct! Oh find audacious ways to satisfy their cravings for adventures! On second thought, adults too! Several things happened in just 40 minutes, other times nobody bothers me, but people in Zacatecas is curious and friendly..... I like it.

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