Friday, July 19, 2013

The Rippon-Kinsella House

Bob and I visited Springfield, IL.The land of Lincoln. This is the view from our room in the Rippon-Kinsella House B&B. This old and beautiful house is full of well preserved old furniture, crystal dinnerware, silverware, it reminds me of my aunt grand mother's house. The bedroom was a little dark, the only thing real bright were the windows, that's how this image captured my attention. The owner of this place, Roger, is a man who's being living 9 years in this house and 37 years with his partner, soon to be married. Many of the things belonged to his grandmother. I noticed the silverware was made in 1841. He claimed to be a good cook. Soon he proved himself because breakfast was delicious, well presented and well seasoned. This man turn out to be a great conversationalist, funny, with a great attitude. I always wanted to have a gay friend, which I don't have. They are funny, pragmatic and are not afraid to tell you the truth. It's always nice to meet  interesting people, they are the salt and pepper of my journeys.

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