Sunday, March 31, 2013

The mistery of the Australian lobster

5 x 8 in. In our way to the crystal clear water springs Media Luna, (Half Moon), in Rio Verde, Mexico, we saw two men diving/snorkeling in the canal coming from the spring water. We were curious so we stopped and asked them what they were looking for. -Acamayas (fresh water shrimp).  They told us they eat them and sell them if there is any left. I was wondering where did they come from? I knew there are acamayas in rivers, but canals? Any way that same day I met with a friend, I told him what I saw and he told me it wasn't acamaya but Australian lobster, and he was the farmer! When the lobsters hatch they are very small and somehow they leaked from the farm into the canal! Here I found my answer to my question without looking for it!

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