Saturday, March 16, 2013


8 x 5 in. Yesterday I went to the barber with Bob. While waiting, I saw this man preparing food at this taco business across the street. It’s quite popular here in San Luis Potosi city. For those who don’t speak Spanish, the two outer sings states “line to go” and “line for table”, those signs are very clear about the success of the place, but I wonder why they haven’t  fix the missing U letter? Too busy, or no budget because they are not as successful. What I do know is that I sketched from the car, seating straight, turning my head to the side window, and ended up with a neck pain. Why didn’t occur to me to get out of the car? I was in hurry to finish the sketch, before the natural light was gone or before Bob returned to the car. Just in case you wonder… my neck pain is gone.

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