Saturday, March 9, 2013

1000 years old tree @ Los Peroles, Rio Verde

9 x 12 in.  "Los Peroles" is a hidden paradise in the middle of nowhere. We drove North from Rio Verde, MEX to San Francisco, then La Muralla, then a small village without name, and then a detour form a dusty road to this area where this spring water is surrounded by ancients trees over 1000 years old. Going there, we notice the further we went away from civilization the smallest the towers of churches. Here I am floating with my ears in the blue water, listening to my heart beating, the sun in my face, totally isolated from civilization. That's what I call relaxation. We saw some skunk fish you can only find in this region, they are in fact , look like a skunk, they are black with a white line on top. Drawing this  was not easy (when is it) my only companion were the loyal flies and ants, besides the strong sun and Bob. When we arrived we looked like cockroaches in a bakery, of course we took the dust off diving in water, and after that we looked like breaded fish. This nonsense ended with a shower at our hotel.

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