Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yucatan, MEX

5x7" I painted this museum-house in Merida, while we waited an hour for the English guided tour. This is a sample of the glorious past af the city and an example of the European influence in architecture during the green gold era.

5x7" This is the closest church to the house we rented during our stay in Merida. We could here the sound of bells, that reminds me of my childhood when I used to live in Mexico. The palm tree of the left wasn't there, but I though I could added it to make the sketch nicer.

5x7" The Zocalo of  Merida city. The city and surroundings are full these chairs, they are made of concret, one piece with two opposite seats, for lovers or for people to have a good conversation.

5x7" Izamal is a town considered by tourism as one of the Magical Towns of Mexico. All town is painted in yellow for no reason. 

5x7" A cenote is a sinkhole full of fresh water. This cenote is in Valladolid, it is called Zaci and it is downtown! We swam in this one, there's a rope along the water, where a person in the water can hold to it if tired, there's no life guards.

5x5" One morning.....drawing my husband playing sudoku.
5x7" Celestun is a fishermen village. We asked one of the fishermen if we could buy one of the fish from the morning catch, when the man knew we just wanted one fish, he ended up giving the fish to us for free!


  1. What wonderful memories and beautiful scenery Adrianna. I love your sketches especially of the cenote!

    1. Thanks for your comment Susan. I can remember still the smell of that unforgettable land.